4 Biggest Markets For Fast Internet Service

4 Biggest Markets For Fast Internet Service

In the newer generations we have discovered that we need fast internet service to complete our tasks on the internet. Now that everything is pretty much wireless many companies are competing for the fastest broadband to their customers. A lot of known companies are promoting to choose their services to get the fastest internet speed. Depending on where you live can determine the best service for you and what they offer. You will see that AT&T will offer great internet speed services as they are rated 4 stars right now. Verizon has a service called FIOS for outstanding internet speed also rated 4 stars. XFINITY provides bundle packages that include fast internet services but they are rated 4 1/2 stars right now.

If you live in LA they have Los Angeles U-verse which is a service provided by AT&T. This company is great in the LA area for the best service and internet speed. When you are looking to choose an internet service it is important that you do your research about the company and look at their reviews from customers. Not only looking at the reviews but what they offer as well. A lot of companies will offer bundles on Cable and Internet services with great deals competing against others. Google now offers a service just for internet service and fast at that called Google Fiber. So to narrow down to 4 biggest market companies that offer great internet services would be:

  2. AT&T U-verse
  3. Verizon Fios
  4. Google Fiber

These companies are the best right now for outstanding fast internet speed and services. Many other companies that provide internet services have had bad reviews and customers do not recommend them. Now that we have revolved from ethernet cables and dial up internet we want more and more fast speed. It can also be a personal preference as well many people will like another service from what you preffer. Just remember if you ever have any questions regarding internet services there are many resources to contact that know how to answer any question you might have. Many websites will provide contact info for you and are waiting to help you choose a service for fast internet speed.

What Does The Dead Merger Between Comcast And Time Warner Cable Mean To Us

What Does The Dead Merger Between Comcast And Time Warner Cable Mean To Us?

It was announced Friday that the $45 billion merger between cable companies Time Warner Cable and Comcast was dead in the water. Not necessarily due to either company choosing to back out as much as fears the federal government would not approve.

“Today, an online video market is emerging that offers new business models and greater consumer choice,” said FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler. He went on to say that innovation and competition would be at risk with such a merger. The feds were apparently prepared to block the proposed deal, with Wheeler commenting on the decision to stop the plan as being “in the best interest of consumers.”

Why would this have been so bad for all of us? According to people opposing the merger, the combined company would have controlled as much as 50-percent of the nation’s broadband service. Both the FCC and Department of Justice were concerned about this type of conglomerate limiting the competition between internet service providers, essentially forcing us all to pay more, in some cases, for less.

Executives from the two companies have been working on this plan for more than a year. For Comcast now, it’s back to business. “Today, we move on,” Comcast CEO Brian Roberts said in a statement.

Having the two separate companies stay separate doesn’t necessarily mean we’re all going to get better or cheaper internet service. Each of the two companies already hold what could be deemed monopolies in certain markets around the country. This doesn’t give them any incentive to improve mediocre service. There are startups trying to break into the ISP world, such as a local San Francisco company Monkeybrains that beams internet service to your home wirelessly over an antenna placed on your roof. But any small business trying to compete with these behemoths on a national level will find it extremely difficult.

While it’s back to business for Comcast, Time Warner Cable may have a more active year. Prior to the Comcast plan, Charter Communications had been pursuing a deal to purchase Time Warner Cable and apparently have recently expressed interest again. This combined company would be the second largest cable operator behind only Comcast.

There are also rumors of Time Warner Cable purchasing smaller cable providers to expand their reach, though the company is keeping those discussions private. “I never comment on conversations we’re having with others unless somebody else decides to make it public,” their CEO Rob Marcus said.

The Galaxy S6 Is More Popular Than Samsung Thought

The Galaxy S6 Is More Popular Than Samsung Thought

The Galaxy S6 has gotten so popular that Samsung is not able to keep up with demand. We all know that these companies must judge their market in advance. The market itself tells these companies how many of their phones they should make. This is something that all manufacturers do, and you will be surprised how far behind Samsung is.

Samsung has not been able to keep up with demand for the Galaxy S6, and this my show a shift in the way that people are choosing to buy their phones. We know that the iPhone is going to be popular, but the Galaxy has gotten more and more popular over the years. The S6 is such a phenomenon that Samsung is speeding up production to meet the needs of the market.

Why Is This Happening?

There is a slight shift in what people value in their electronics. Apple has been known for years to charge unbelievable amounts of money for the items they make. Repairs on these items can be even more expensive, and the Apple accounts people use can be even more problematic. This is a truly troubling statistic for Apple, and it pushes people to buy phones like the Galaxy S6.

The Features

The S6 is just as nice as an iPhone, but it is made by a company that allows you to get the phone from many different service providers. iPhones are not offered by the majority of providers, and users are going with Galaxies when they are purchasing new phones.

Samsung is not going to take over the market from Apple, but they are cutting into the market that Apple already has. This is going to balance the power in the cell phone world, and we will see companies like Apple have to make changes to compete. apple will make other products, but Samsung will likely keep enhancing the Galaxy until it is overwhelming the Apple market.

This is not an iPhone killer, but it is doing more than Samsung ever thought it would. That says something about the consumers that are buying phones today.